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What is WbRank?

WbRank is a general measure of a website's popularity on a scale of 0 to 10. The WbSrch search engine uses it as one of the ranking factors in its search results.

How is it calculated?

WbRank is determined using an unweighted count of the number of unique domains in the WbSrch search index that link to the target domain. More links result in a higher WbRank. It is calculated on a roughly logarithmic scale, so it takes more links to move from WbRank 3 to WbRank 4 than it does to move from WbRank 1 to WbRank 2.

Is this the same thing as PageRank?

No. PageRank is a weighted algorithm. WbRank is unweighted but serves a similar purpose.

How can I check my site's WbRank?

Check out our stats section where you can check your site's WbRank and a few other SEO-related metrics. We also have an API. It's not public yet, but if you're interested in getting access, you can contact us.

Are all links counted?

No. Links from sites excluded from the WbSrch search engine are not counted.

What about paid links?

Paid links are fine. That's just called advertising, and we don't have a problem with it.

What about link farms?

We tend to block those when we notice them, but they're not as prevalent now as they were in the past.

Are nofollow links counted?

Yes. Nofollow isn't a part of the HTML standard and is a silly idea in the first place. If it's a link, then it's meant to be followed.

Does linking to too many other sites decrease your ranking?

No. The web was designed around linking to other sites, and we don't want to do anything to discourage that.

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